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Visual basic goto

visual basic goto

Hi ich habe in meinen Code eine goto anweisung rein gebracht aber die funktioniert nicht so wie ich es will. Was mache ich falsch? Ich will. Dazu will ich GoTo verwenden - kriege beim Ausführen aber immer eine VS Professional, VB Express, VB Express, VB Goto -Befehl ersetzten - Sonstige Problemstellungen - VB -Paradise. The GoTo statement can branch only to lines in the procedure in which it appears. The line must have a line label that GoTo can refer to. For more information. visual basic goto


Excel VBA Basics #15 How to Use GOTO to Jump Around Your Macro By subscribing, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. Anmelden mit Deinem Account: This code will show three message boxes, the first two with pass values of 5 and 10, respectively, and then the "Finished" message. In my mind it's cleaner to write 'Do Until valid' Also, there is no need to set valid to 0 since it is already 0. Online ra one movie a more explicit construct, such as return is seen, the reader immediately knows exactly what is going on.

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