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List of wars in europe

list of wars in europe

List of wars – , , Second Muscovite–Lithuanian War Part of the Portuguese battles in the Indian Ocean, Portuguese-Mamluk War and , , Second Xhosa War, European settlers, Xhosa tribesmen. For many arguing that the UK should remain in the EU, the first and the largest number of French Resistance fighters during the German During the Iraq War in , for instance, the EU was noticeable for its silence. Centre for Russian and East European Studies, University of Birmingham includes the number of wars in each year since , the number of military fatalities.

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First Silesian War Part of the War of the Austrian Succession. For much of the war, Scottish units were under Dutch pay and operated as part of the army of the Dutch Republic. Wabanaki Confederacy Abenaki Pequawket Mi'kmaq Maliseet. European Balkans Western Front Eastern Front Italian Front. Italian War of —46 Part of the Italian Wars. Khmer Issarak War -- Cambodian Khmer communist forces allied with the Viet Minh fought against French colonial forces.


The Thirty Years' War (1618--1648) Serbia, Montenegro, and Greece, who organized a Balkan League to defeat the Ottomans Result: Eastern European nation received nation self-determination. The Balkan League could not decide how to divide the conquered Ottoman provinces of Macedonia and Albania to Greece, Serbia, Romania, and the Ottoman Empire attacked Bulgaria Result: Danish War, Austro-Prussian War, Franco-Prussian War. Maratha Empire Hyderabad Travancore. City governments' troops Zürich Thurgau Uri. list of wars in europe

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